List of the Top Advance Features

24/7 Live Monitoring & Analytics

24/7 real person monitoring with computer AI assistance to ensure the highest accuracy, minimizing activities prone to human error.

Two way Audio communication

With the help of two-way audio communication, the monitoring agent can communicate with anyone entering the premises.

Onsite Dispatch & Emergency

The monitoring agent can assist the situation and if necessary, call the local authorities on your behalf or send a security officer to your location.

Remote & Onsite Assistance

Local residents or tenants are able to call for help by using onsite call boxes or by simply dialing the number provided to request assistance with any potential complications.

Hazard Monitoring & Detection

With the help of AI, specialized cameras and IoT, smoke, fire, overheating and leaks can be detected easily, preventing most potential damages.

Access Control & Utility Management

With the help of electronic access controls, switches, and valves; access, utilities, and lighting can be controlled remotely and more efficiently by using a remote technician or simple automation.

Foot Traffic Monitoring & Count

By Utilizing AI a precise number of people and foot traffic can be counted in any type of structure.

Potential Violent & Shooting Detection

Potential violence and or shooting can be detected by utilizing video AI, monitoring, and sound sensors to detect abnormalities related to violence.

Detect Smoking & Fever

Detect a sick person with a fever or smoke in non-smoking areas within a crowd in wide areas.

License Plate Reader (LPR)

Find if the right person parked in the right parking spot by detecting, storing, cross-reference license plate information.

intSignal Security as a Service (SECaaS)

See how intSignal SSECaaS and managed security services can benefit your company by safeguarding your data and infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and threat mitigation.


intSignal Security as a Service (SECaaS)→

IoT & Monitoring

IoT monitoring service, devices, and installation for many applications such as hazard monitoring, manufacturing, residential, and commercial utility infrastructures.



IoT Monitoring Service ->

Hardware As a Service (HaaS)

Start big with a low upfront cost by maximizing your ROI and leasing managed and supported hardware as a service.

Hardware as a Service→

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