Features & sensor types.

Smart Meters & Billing

Utilizing Smart Meters for electricity, gas, and water make it easy to automatically bill your clients.

Leak Detection & Monitoring

Take advantage of the automatic consumption calculator, analytics, and smart leak detection by using AI flow meters and sensors.

Electric Valves & Switches

Electric valves and switches allow intSignal agent to shut down and disconnect the flow remotely when necessary.

Track & Monitor every Asset

Track and monitor electronics, assets, and goods including company vehicles and consumptions. Receive alerts about due maintenance and detect any hazardous driving or accidents.

Counters & Trackers

From large to small, automatically track and count anything such as people, animals, or objects using different counting and tracking methods that are offered.

Other types of IoT sensors

Detect humidity, temperature, flow, color, motion, gas with a number of IoT sensors that are available.

Video Surveillance as a Service

We will design and install custom surveillance hardware with an optional monitoring service. Onsite maintenance and repair are also available as part of this service.

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intSignal Security as a Service (SECaaS)

See how intSignal SSECaaS and managed security services can benefit your company by safeguarding your data and infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and threat mitigation.


intSignal Security as a Service (SECaaS)→

Hardware As a Service (HaaS)

Start big with a low upfront cost by maximizing your ROI and leasing managed and supported hardware as a service.

Hardware as a Service→

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