Security as a Service (SECaaS)

intSignal SECaaS is a set of tools and services that arms organizations with the data security that they require.
Now every member of your organizations can operate and stay focused on their tasks securely without any security-related setbacks or slowdowns.


Key Features of intSignal's Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Compliance & Regulatory Security Standards

SECaaS is compliant with basic HIPAA, PCI, and most common data security compliances. Failure to meet the aforementioned guidelines is not only incompliant with the law but will increase your exposure to cyber threats and security breaches.

Identity Theft & Data Protection Monitoring

The threat is out there so it only makes sense to continue the protection beyond company walls. We will provide thorough monitoring to ensure the protection of your employee’s credentials and identity keeping them secured.

Scalable & Flexible Security Maximizing Growth

Don’t let security measures slow down your current workflow or affect your organization’s growth. Our security systems are designed to scale horizontally keeping you moving forward, fast.

Firewall As a Service (FWaaS)

Minimize hardware cost virtually and securely work from anywhere, using any kind of network connection. As soon as your device is turned on it will connect to your firewall in the cloud.

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Software Defined Networking(SDN & SD-WAN)

FWaaS, SECaaS, and SDN can be combined to optimize your network performance and utilize the cloud to cut down on hardware costs and increase productivity while keeping remote users secured.


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Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS)

We will design and install custom surveillance hardware with an optional monitoring service. Onsite maintenance and repair are also available as part of this service.

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